Pilgrim’s Progress Study and Application Questions

Community Baptist Church Ladies’ Study, December 8, 2015

Chapters 7 & 8, pgs. 32-46


1.      When Christian arrived at the Wicket Gate he follows the instruction to knock.  What significance does knocking hold?


2.      As Christian was stepping into the gate, Goodwill hurriedly pulled him through and told him about Beelzebub shooting arrows at those who seek entrance.  Whom does Beelzebub represent and what do you suppose the arrows represent?


3.      On pg. 33, Christian say, “Now I begin to reap the benefits of my hazards.” To what is her referring?  What benefits?  What hazards?


4.      As you reflect on your own life, do you recognize benefits of your “hazards”?  Consider and record.


5.      On pg. 34, after recounting to Goodwill what happened to Pliable, Christian is transparent about his own failings.  What is it that he confesses and what does this say about the state of his heart?


6.      How would Christian be able to distinguish the right way from the wrong? (pg 35)


7.      What would happen to Christian at the Place of Deliverance? (pg. 35)


8.      Who is represented by the Interpreter?


9.      As the Interpreter begins to show Christian things that would be beneficial, he commands his helper to do something.  What is it and what might that represent?


10.  Describe the grave person in the picture in the first room.


11.  Whom does this represent and how would recognizing him help Christian on his journey?


12.  What scene was depicted in the second room?


13.   What was the interpretation given by the Interpreter?


14.  What were the names of the two children in the third room?


15.  Describe the scene played out there.


16.  What was the end result of the impatience of Passion?


17.  List the evidences of Patience’s superior wisdom.


18.  What did the man in the iron cage do to land himself there and for what reasons?


19.  What purpose would this serve to Christian?


20.  What was the reason for the trembling of the man in the last chamber?


21.  What was it that made him so afraid of what he saw?


22.  As a result of what he saw, with what two things was Christian confronted?