Pilgrim’s Progress Study and Application Questions

Community Baptist Church Ladies’ Study, June 14, 2016

Chapter 16 pgs. 71-76

1.      For what reason did Christian decide not to flee from Apollyon?


2.      Give a physical description of Apollyon.


3.      What reason did Christian give for having left the reign of Apollyon?


4.      What arguments did Apollyon offer to try to persuade Christian to leave the service of his new master?


5.      What was Christian’s rebuttal to these arguments?


6.      What is Apollyon’s attitude toward Christian’s “Prince”?


7.      When Christian’s chance for victory seemed slim, what Scriptures encouraged him to stay in the fight?


8.      What was the sword that Christian used?


9.      Recount a time recently when God has given you Scripture to fight an attack of the Enemy.


10.  To whom did Christian give the credit for this victory?


11.  What was given to Christian for healing and refreshment?