Spring Conference 2018

Audio Files for Conference


Wednesday (March 21)

7:00 PM -- Jim Savastio

                 Mark Webb


Thursday (March 22)

9:45 AM -- Jeff Burns

11:00 AM -- Jim Savastio

7:00 PM -- Jeff Pollard


Friday (March 23)

9:45 AM -- Jim Savastio

11:00 AM -- Jeff Pollard

7:00 PM -- Jeff Burns

  Mark Webb    


9:45 AM -- Jeff Burns

11:00 AM -- Jeff Pollard

Saturday (March 24)


9:45 AM -- Jim Savastio

11:00 AM -- Mark Webb

Sunday (March 25)





Jeff Pollard

Pastor of Mt. Zion Bible Church in Pensacola, FL.

Along with serving as an Elder in the church, he oversees numerous other ministries, including Chapel Library publishing. This brother has been a blessing to CBC in past years and we look forward to once again receiving from him what God is pleased to give us. (www.chapellibrary.org/ about/mt-zion-bible-church/)


Mark Webb

Pastor of Grace Bible Church in Olive Branch, MS.

Has served as Pastor for 30 years. He has announced his resignation from the pastorate, which is to begin in August of this year. Bro. Mark has been a blessing to CBC in past conferences and we look forward to his time with us again this year.(www.gracemessenger.com/)


Jeff Burns

Pastor of Shepherd's Fellowship of Greensboro, NC.

This brother is new to our conference this year. We look forward to benefiting from the gift God has given to this young preacher to exposit Scripture. (sfofgso.org/)


Jim Savastio

Pastor of Reformed Baptist Church, Louisville, KY.

This brother is new to our conference this year. He has served in his present capacity as one of the elders of RBC since 1991, the year the church was constituted. We look forward to receiving from God through this seasoned servant. (rbclouisville.com/)