We are glad that you have dropped in to find out more about Community Baptist Church! We exist because of Jesus Christ Who asked the Father to send another Comforter after His successful redemptive work. By the strength of His Spirit we seek to function according to the word He gave to the Apostles and communicated to us in the New Testament.

We are a simple church, following the New Testament instruction to equip the believers for ministry, evangelize locally and support the world-wide spread of the gospel. Our desire is to love one another through encouragement, exhortation, fellowship, care, and conforming individually and as a body to the image of Jesus Christ. 

We meet in South Bexar County (Elmendorf), Texas, near the intersection of I37 and highway 1604.

If you are a seeker and want to know what the Bible says about where you came from, what went wrong, where you are going, and what is necessary for you to be prepared to meet Him, please contact us. You can also click on tabs on this page to find more information. 


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