9:45 am - Sunday School classes for 3-5 year old, 6-8 year old, 9-12 year old and 13 through adult. We have no separate youth group.

11:00 am - Sunday Morning Worship: Scripture reading, prayer, congregational singing of God-honoring hymns and expositional/textual preaching from God's Word.

6:00 pm  - Evening Services: 1st Lord's Day of the month we observe the Lord's Supper with those in membership with a NT church of like faith and practice.  3rd Lord's Day we have a regular service. On a 5 Lord's Day month we also have a regular evening service on the 4th Sunday.

Fellowship Sunday on the 2nd and last Lord's Days of every month is a time that we join together after the morning service for fellowship around a full meal in the fellowship hall. Guests are encouraged to join us for the meal. There is no evening service on these special days.

Wednesday Prayer Meeting

7:00 pm - Short devotion from God's Word and congregational time of prayer. Sometimes we all stay together and the men lead in prayer and other times the ladies separate to another room to verbalize prayers together.