Pilgrim’s Progress Study and Application Questions

Community Baptist Church Ladies’ Study, May 10, 2016

Chapter 15 pgs. 59-70


1.       For what purpose was the Palace Beautiful built and what does it represent?


2.      What were the names of the three that Discretion called to converse with Christian?


3.      Of what did they want to converse?


4.      What three scenes at the House of the Interpreter were the most impactful to Christian?


5.      What was Christian’s response to Prudence’s question about his thoughts concerning his former country?


6.      By what means did Christian experience the vanquishing of carnal annoyances?


7.      What made Christian so desirous of going to Mount Zion?


8.      How did Christian respond to Charity’s question about the character of his life and witness before his family?


9.      What did the supper represent and of what did their conversation consist?


10.  What was the name of the room where Christian slept?


11.  Compare Christian’s experience at the Palace Beautiful with your own experience in the local church.


12.  What “rarities” were shared with Christian before he departed?


13.  What was shown to Christian at the Armory?


14.  What was Christian shown from the top of the Palace?


15.  What was Christian given to prepare himself for moving ahead?


16.  What was Christian’s next destination that warranted all of this encouragement and equipping?