Pilgrim’s Progress Study and Application Questions

Community Baptist Church Ladies’ Study, February 9, 2016

Chapters 9-11 pgs. 47-52


1.      As Christian proceeds, the way he was to go was fenced in by the Walls of Salvation.  Look up Isaiah 26:1 and any associated Scripture.  Consider the significance of the picture of the walls of the City of God.  Record your thoughts.


2.      What happened to Christian’s burden when he came to the Cross?


3.      What was his response?


4.      Christian looked at the Cross “again and again”.   Can you relate this to your own experience?  Describe.


5.      He was met by three Shining Ones.  Describe this encounter.


6.      What do you suppose is represented by the Scroll that was given to Christian?


7.      What were the names of the three pilgrims Christian met next.


8.      What was the response of each to Christian’s warning and offer of help?


9.      What might Christian take away from this encounter that could help him in his journey?


10.  How did Formalist and Hypocrisy enter the narrow way?


11.  Where were they born?


12.  Where were they going and for what purpose?


13.  According to John 10:1, what is the person who enters in some way besides the Door? Why do you suppose they are described as such?


14.  How did Christian say his condition differed from theirs?


15.  What was their response?


16.  On what basis did Christian believe that the Lord of the Celestial City would recognize him?