Pilgrim’s Progress Study and Application Questions

Community Baptist Church Ladies’ Study, April 12, 2016

Chapters 12-14 pgs. 53-58


1.      Christian next comes to the Hill of Difficulty.  Before beginning the ascent, he drinks from the spring for refreshment.  Read Psalm 110:7 & Isaiah 49:10, 11.  Reflect on a time past when God refreshed your soul even at the foot of a trial.  Record.


2.      There were two routes, which appeared easier.  Name them, listing their characteristics and what befell the travelers who chose that way.


3.      Mid-way up the hill, Christian sat down to rest and refreshed himself by reading the Scroll and looking at his new garment.  Soon he fell asleep only to be awakened by a call to consider the ant and be wise.  What might this represent?  And how does it serve as a warning?


4.      Christian next meets two men running towards him from the top of the hill.  Provide their names and the definition.


5.      What was it that caused them to turn back?


6.      What factors played into Christian’s decision to press forward?


7.      Christian is troubled by a realization.  What was it?


8.      As he retraced his steps to find it, what caused his sorrow to increase?


9.      What was so devastating about the loss of the Scroll? What significance did it hold?


10.  What thoughts caused him to continue on nervously and in mourning?


11.  As he approached the ferocious beasts, what was it that he did not detect and what impact did it have on him?


12.  What was the name of the porter at the Palace and with what did he encourage the fearful pilgrim?