Pilgrim’s Progress Study and Application Questions

Community Baptist Church Ladies’ Study, October 11, 2016

Chapter 18 pgs. 84-93

1.      In the first paragraph, upon Christian’s  first meeting of Faithful, what caused him to smile “with a sense of self-congratulation? 


2.      What happened next?  What can we learn from it?


3.      Look up 1 Corinthians 12:10 & Ecclesiastes 4:9-10.  Can you think of a time in your life when these were acted out in living color?  Recount and record what impact it has had on your life.


4.      The life experience between believers varies; we are not cookie cutter molds.  Faithful did not fall into the Slough of Despond, but he was propositioned by who?  What did she promise?  What could she not give?


5.      This temptress is alive and well in our day.  What means, both modern and timeless, of solicitation might be used by her against us?   


6.      Whom did Faithful meet at the foot of the Hill of Difficulty?


7.      List his daughters’ names and provide a description (or the nature) of their characteristics.


8.      What was the warning written on the old man’s forehead and what are the implications of this warning for us?


9.      Who was it that overtook Faithful as swift as the wind?  And how was he treated?


10.  Who was it that came along and demanded the assault cease?


11.  Whom did Faithful meet in the Valley of Humiliation?  What does he try to persuade him to do and for what reason?


12.  How does Faithful respond?


13.  Have you ever conversed with Discontent?  What has been your reply? 


14.  With what truths from God’s Word (provide passages) can you fight this enemy?


15.   The next enemy Faithful encounters is Shame.  According to Faithful what name would have been more appropriate?


16.  What were some of Shame’s gripes with “religion”?


17.  What comments provided by Faithful in regards to shame might be helpful when you encounter this foe?