Christianity Not Business As Usual


For a long time I have been disturbed with what seems to me to be marketing of Christianity by churches and religious organizations. Surveys are taken and strategies are developed based upon techniques that would fit any worldly based organization. The gospel is mentioned, prayer is acknowledged, and God is given lip service. But there seems to be little deep conviction of soul that impacts lives unto holiness.

If our goal is to produce a culture that merely practices Christian principles in public, then marketing and multi-media packages may work. Excitement will generate human participation. Multi-level marketing businesses thrive in this way. Charismatic leaders are able to package a positive message that stirs the emotions and multitudes rally around, feeding off the positive energy of this environment. Many churches in our day have long used this approach and are satisfied by the results measured by money,  men and methods.

But is our goal under Christ to be the creation of a positive "Christian" environment? Should we be satisfied as a church if we are seeing additions, increased bank account, new ministries and better facilities? Jesus said that the goal of eternal life is to know God (John 17:3). It is possible to have all of the form or trappings of religious appearances and not know the God of Scripture and the power of His life in us.

True Biblical Christianity cannot depend upon man's marketing skills and new programs. Biblical Christianity is dependent upon God. We must know Him. He must make Himself known. That cannot be accomplished through marketing and multi-media, or any human production. God makes Himself known by the ministry of the Holy Spirit through the Word. If we are not dependent upon His ordained means, why should we reasonably expect Him to bless in life changing ways?

As a church, we must not be swayed by the influences of our day that tell us we must be more relative and must become like the culture to influence it. We must remain true to the call of God upon our lives to make Him known through our lives and His message. His life must be lived through us. His message must be ours. We must be determined with the Apostle Paul to glory in nothing else except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world (Gal. 6:14).